Washing Machine Repair in the San Francisco West Bay Area

Washing machines are a basic household appliance that are relatively low maintenance. They require some basic care during use and a level surface to rest upon. But, regardless of how well you care for your washing machine, at some point, it will wear down and require repair or replacement. The average washing machine can be expected to last between 5 and 15 years depending on use and how well it is cared for. Fortunately, not all washing machine malfunctions are complicated to fix, nor do they require you to replace them. For minor washing machine repairs, you may be able to do some do-it-yourself diagnosis and treatment, and for the big things, or if you don’t feel comfortable tackling the issue yourself, the appliance professionals at WEPCO appliance repair offer an affordable solution to your poorly performing washing machine.

The washing machine is perhaps one of the most convenient appliances a household may have. Although many people dread the chore of laundry, almost everyone can agree that having clean clothes is a comfortable feeling, and the ability to have that without the hassle lugging everything to the laundromat just to sit around and wait for it to be finished. Many family members may take for granted a working washer, but notice when it is out of commission. At WEPCO Services, Inc, we are family owned and operated and understand the strain that a malfunctioning or broken washer can put on a household. Our appliance professionals strive to provide timely services that get you back to running your household effectively. We can handle any job involving your residential or commercial washer. Whether your machine is front or top loading, or a dual washer/dryer combo, we can diagnose and repair it. We can repair or replace almost every part of your washing machine, including:

  • Belts
  • Pumps
  • Timers
  • Hoses
  • Lid Plungers
  • Damper Pad

  • Lid Switches
  • Pressure Switches
  • Agitator Assemblies
  • Drive Spindles
  • Transmission Mode Levers
  • Solenoids

The most common washing machine problems are that it won’t spin, it makes loud noises or shakes, it won’t agitate, won’t drain, fills slowly or not at all, or it leaks. If your washer is experiencing any of these symptoms, give us a call!

  • The washer won’t turn on – If the machine is “dead” and won’t turn on at all, first, make sure it is plugged in. When the washer agitates in the spin cycle, sometimes, it can bump the cord, so double check! Next, see what else is or isn’t working in the vicinity, and make sure the breaker wasn’t tripped. If your washer is plugged in and the breaker is functioning, give us a call before you scrap your washer and purchase a new one!


  • The washing machine is not spinning – If your washing machine is spinning improperly or not at all, first make sure the load you are attempting to wash isn’t too big and is balanced evenly around the center. You may notice an issue with the spin cycle if your washing machine makes terrible, loud, banging noises on the spin cycle or your clothes are soaking wet at the end of the wash — it did not spin at all. It may be a defective lid switch, a burned out belt drive, or a few other issues that our appliance repair professionals can easily fix!


  • Water is not draining – If your washing machine fills with water during the wash cycle, but it does not drain, it may indicate a defective pump, a worn drive belt, or a clogged drain hose. It means that your washing machine is working, and is likely fixable by one of our appliance repair professionals!



    • The washing machine leaks – If your washer leaves a puddle in the laundry room, it could be one of several things, including (but not limited to) loose hoses, drain pipe clogs, a leaky pump, or loose water injection hoses. These are all issues our washer repair experts are trained to handle!

Affordable Appliance Repair

When to Hire a Professional to Repair Your Washing Machine:

If your washer is experiencing the problems listed above and you have attempted to troubleshoot and perform your own washer repair to no avail, it is time to call in the appliance professionals! Washer problems can be a big hassle, and in your frustration, you may cause more damage than you repair. If there is an odd smell coming from your washing machine, there is water leaking, or there seem to be mechanical glitches, it is best if you contact an appliance repair company near you so that you can get the official diagnosis and make an informed decision about what washer repair you’d like to do, or if it is simply time to replace it!

Whether you have a front-loading washer, a top-loading washing machine, or a washer/ dryer combo, the appliance professionals can handle all of your washer repair needs. Contact us for your free appliance repair estimate and schedule your convenient appointment with our experienced and friendly appliance repair professionals.

We service most brands and models of residential washers. If you don’t see your brand listed here, call us to see if we can repair it for you.

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