Trash Compactor Repair in West San Francisco

Trash compactors are a modern luxury that not all homes are equipped with, but those that are understand the true convenience they offer. Trash compactors help reduce the amount of rubbish collected and taken to landfills, the number of trips you make to the curbside trash can, unpleasant smells, and your family’s environmental impact. For homes that have trash compactors, when they malfunction or break, it can cause stress on the entire household. Because of the workload of a trash compactor, they are the household appliance with the shortest lifespan — about six years. New trash compactors cost right around 1,000 dollars, so you want to make sure that you get your money’s worth by ensuring it lasts as long as possible. With proper care and maintenance, it is likely that your trash compactor can outlive the six year average. If your trash compactor begins to malfunction before the expected wear out date, there are some things that you can do to repair it.**

Please note — before attempting any diagnosis or repairs, make sure that the trash compactor is unplugged from the power source!

Affordable Appliance Repair in San Francisco

At WEPCO Appliance Repair, our appliance service technicians are trained and experienced in a wide variety of appliance repair and replacements. Whether your kitchen trash compactor is freestanding, under the counter, or built-in, our appliance technicians have the skills necessary to get your appliance fixed and working.

If you have noticed any of these symptoms with your trash compactor, give the appliance experts at WEPCO Appliance Repair a call!

  • The trash compactor doesn’t work at all — if the machine will not run at all and there doesn’t seem to be any power, first make sure that it is plugged in. If it is, check to make sure that the breaker is not tripped and that power is getting to the outlet where your trash compactor is plugged in. If your trash compactor is receiving power, but still not working, make sure the door is closing and latching properly.

  • The trash compactor runs, but does not compact the garbage — if your trash compactor turns on and sounds like it is running, but does not compact the trash, it may be a belt or motor issue. Either way, you should call the appliance repair technicians to handle the job!

  • The trash compactor is excessively noisy — compacting trash is a heavy job and a certain amount of noise from the motor and the grinding garbage are to be expected. However, if the noise is excessive, it could indicate a motor, gear, or belt problem and you should have it checked out.

  • The door will not open — if the door appears to be stuck, do not attempt to force it open or closed. This may indicate that the ram is not completely seated correctly or you may have worn tracks, guides, rollers, or wheels. These are relatively easy fixes for an experienced appliance repair technician.

At WEPCO Appliance Repair, we are proud to service most brands and models of trash compactors. If your trash compactor, or any other home appliance, is not functioning as it should contact us for a free repair estimate!