Dishwasher Repair in the San Francisco Bay Area

While the dishwasher is one of the least necessary appliances a home can have, it is a modern luxury that many households have come to enjoy and can be a major annoyance when it stops working. Because it is not a necessary appliance, many families will simply ignore poor performance or even discontinue using it and hand wash dishes to avoid the hassle of having it fixed or replaced. Dishwashers help to cut down on kitchen cleanup time and allows you to get back to quality family time sooner. When your dishwasher is malfunctioning or broken, it can be an inconvenience, as well as an annoyance at the broken investment. Don’t continue to manage with a poorly performing dishwasher, get your dishwasher repaired and get back to spending time with your family!

At WEPCO Services, Inc, we are a family owned and operated appliance repair company who are local to the San Francisco Bay area. We understand the frustration that accompanies a malfunctioning home appliance and the strain it can put on your household. Our appliance repair technicians work quickly to diagnose and repair your dishwasher to get it back to performing the way it should. We can handle any issues with your commercial or residential dishwasher. A typical dishwasher will last between seven and 12 years, depending on quality and maintenance. If your dishwasher is between these age ranges, don’t tolerate less than optimal performance, contact us today! We can repair or replace just about any part of your dishwasher, including:

  • Motor
  • Valve
  • Solenoids
  • Impellers
  • Gaskets

  • Float Switch
  • Pump Assembly
  • Timer
  • Heating Element
  • Thermostat

Common dishwasher issues include it is not draining, will not fill with water, leaking water, is noisy, will not start, the door won’t latch, dishes aren’t clean, won’t dry dishes, or will not dispense detergent. If your dishwasher is experiencing any of these symptoms, let us troubleshoot and repair it.

Your dishwasher will not turn on- If your dishwasher will not turn on and appears to be “dead,” first make sure that it is plugged in. If it is and it still isn’t working, check to make sure the breaker wasn’t tripped. If it still won’t work, call us before you scrap it!

The dishwasher is leaking- If your dishwasher is leaking, ensure that the right dish soap and the right amount is being used. Teach other dishwasher loaders in your home the appropriate soap to use and how much to use. If the soap is not the problem, your dishwasher may have worn gaskets or arm assembly. A leaking pump or motor may also be the issue; either way, our appliance repair specialists are equipped to handle the job!

Your dishes are still dirty- If your dishwasher runs, but leaves your dishes dirty, it could be due to a few things. First be sure to remove large chunks of food from dishes and pre-soak stubborn food. Run your dishwasher within a day after loading the dishes to prevent food from settling. If you do all these things and the dishes are still dirty, clean the bottom of the dishwasher to clean out debris and unblock spray arm holes. If this doesn’t work, it may be a worn assembly pump or impeller or a burned out heating element — all of which our appliance repair technicians can fix!

The dishwasher does not fill with water- If your dishes appear dry and as if no water entered the dishwasher during the cycle, first ensure the water hose has not become unhooked. If everything appears normal, it may be due to a broken solenoid, valve, float switch, or timer. Give our appliance repair technicians a call to come check it out.


Quality Appliance Repair and Maintenance

When to Hire a Professional to Repair Your Dishwasher:

If your residential or commercial dishwasher is experiencing any of the problems listed above and you have tried our troubleshooting and repair tips provided, contact your trusted local appliance repair company! If your dishwasher is causing an odd smell, seems to have mechanical issues, is leaking water, or simply will not work, it is time to call in the professional appliance repair team! If you dishwasher is less than ten years old and providing less than optimal performance, do not tolerate it and don’t rush out to replace it — call the appliance professionals at WEPCO Appliance Professionals for a free repair estimate first!

We service most brands and models of residential dishwashers. If you don’t see your brand listed here, call us to see if we can repair it for you. We look forward to getting your dishwasher working and your life back on schedule as quickly as we can.
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