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EPA Certified and Qualified to Repair Elkay Manufacturing and Halsey Taylor Water Chillers

If your business counts on a water chiller to produce cooled water — restaurants, bakeries, pharmaceuticals, production — you want to be able to confidently rely on your machinery. When your water chiller is out of service, it can have a significant impact on your business’s bottom line. At WEPCO Appliance Professionals, we can install, maintain, and repair your commercial water chiller to reduce downtime and help improve productivity.

Water chiller maintenance is arguably one of the most important parts about owning a water chiller. Maintenance that includes regular inspections, water treatments, cleaning, oil and refrigerant analysis, and correction of leaks is critical to maintaining a water chiller unit in optimal performance for safety and efficiency. Regular cleaning and water treatment in your water chiller helps to remove unwanted moisture, prevent corrosion and scale accumulation, prevents (or treats) algae growth, and keeps everything running smoothly. Analysis and changing of oil and refrigerant help prevent compressor problems and avoids wear and tear on the water chiller.

Commercial and industrial water chillers are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and chilling options. Our appliance professionals can manage it all!

  • Air-cooled rotary screw chillers
  • Water-cooled rotary screw chillers
  • Air-cooled scroll chillers
  • Water-cooled scroll chillers
  • Low-temperature chillers
  • Hermetic centrifugal chillers
  • Open-drive centrifugal chillers

If you have any of these problems with your commercial water chiller, contact the repair experts at WEPCO Appliance Professionals!

Water chiller does not power on – after ensuring that it is plugged into a working power source and turned on, if your water chiller does not power on, contact us for an assessment. No power can indicate a blown circuit breaker or fuse, on an incorrect or incomplete power connection. It is best if you leave the inspection to professional appliance repair technicians to avoid electrocution or damaging your water chiller.

The water chiller is not pumping – can be caused by a variety of issues ranging from a simple blockage or closed process valve to a complete pump failure. You can attempt to ensure that the coolant level is correct and that there are no pinched or kinked lines that prohibit function. If everything appears in working order, it may be something more serious. For an accurate diagnosis and repair, contact your appliance repair professional.

The water chiller runs, but does not cool – is typically caused by an iced over evaporator or a refrigerant leak — both of which can be prevented with regular maintenance! Other causes include a clogged air filter, high ambient temperatures, or a problem with the coolant or evaporator.

If your commercial water chiller is experiencing any of these issues or you need help with installation or maintenance of your water chiller, give us a call to get one of our technicians out.